Monday, August 10, 2009

Statute of Stupid

Everyone makes stupid mistakes. I feel like I'm particularly accomplished at them sometimes.

Recently, I made a real lame-brain mistake at work. It was a total rookie moment that I cannot (cannot!) believe I did. I fixed the problem, apologized profusely, and said a number of Hail Avids.

When do I get to be forgiven? What is the statute of limitations on Stupid Error? I throw myself on the mercy of the court. (I'm really freakin' tired of hearing the little side comments!) Any workplace lawyers that want to take my case?

(Note: edited to correct spelin' mistake.)


Christine Wy said...

i wonder how long your boss's corporate memory lasts. three weeks?

i am a walking rookie mistake. for some reason my boss likes me though. it's kinda weird.

Troy Camplin said...

Perhaps the statute of limitations last as long as does the statute of limitations for your saying "statue" of limitations.

TonyN said...


Yeah, clearly I muffed that one. At least I only bungled it once. If I had done that in the title too, it would be permanent in the URL.

Thanks for the correction.