Monday, June 1, 2009

The Ramekin or the Tightrope Wire?

Amazon's "Super Saver Shipping" is brilliant marketing. And, I admit, I'm falling for it at this moment. The total price on my Amazon order is $25.02 after shipping. If I had a item at $5.27 to add to my cart, then I would qualify for the free shipping and effectively get something for free. Brilliant, right? (Brilliant, because we all know I'm probably going to find something for slightly more than $5.27.)

Enter my deal-seeking, cheapskate (I say that with much admiration) co-worker, VeggiePirate. She says, "Check out" Holy cow, genius. Put in a pricing amount, check some categories, and (Voila!) the site offers up a bunch of items to help get you to that magic number. The list it generates is huge, because as we know Amazon sells damn near everything.

So, now I'm torn: an eight ounce ramekin or a six-foot tightrope wire. Hmm decisions, decisions…


Christine Wy said...

Amazon is SO good about that. I recently ended up with a 200 count box of ear plugs and two books. (I couldn't find my fave brand of ear plugs except in 200 count. The books, I dunno.)

Joe said...

Just picked up two more Christopher Anvil collections, and added a few art books for the free shipping. Every store has "add a buck" wheeling and dealing, but with Amazon, I really do feel like it's stuff I was going to get anyways, instead of People magazine.