Friday, March 20, 2009

Customer Service Gladness

Later that night…

The tiny pocket of Hilltopper alumni within the sea of UT Orange all met up to watch the 14-seeded Toppers and pray for upset. Surprisingly, for a bunch of heathens, the prayers were answered. (We just busted your bracket, Mr. President!)

Since Buck Buck* and I had already suffered a miserable experience earlier, we chose to meet up at what had been our second choice at lunchtime. For all my lamenting on the poor service at Restaurant #1, Restaurant #2 was a customer service redeemer. We asked if they would mind to put one of their many TVs on the WKU game. The manager came to our table and put every monitor within earshot on the game and gave us some volume (a big deal in the din of a sports bar). Then, he tuned a few monitors to the other game feeds for us, too. He was everything a professional in retail should be. He earned a big tip for his server, and a few loyal customers.

So, yes, the power is with the consumer after all. Restaurant #1 just got the boycott, and guess where we will watch Round Two on Saturday? Restaurant #2 gets to watch Gonzaga go down.

*Name changed to protect his bracket embarrassment.

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Todd Camplin said...

WKU lossed :( so close, yet so far, good run!