Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Passphrase Guilt

Logging on to my online banking, the system wasn't satisfied with just a password, it also wanted me to answer a security question.

What is your favorite pet's name?

My one and only pet laid at the foot of the bed. I typed the answer: Kitty. [Name changed to protect her identity and my cash-ola.]

The answer is incorrect. Kitty stares at me. What is your favorite pet's name?

"Maybe that's not how I spelled it when I created the account," I thought. I tried again: Kittie.

The answer is incorrect. What is your favorite pet's name? Kitty stares at me.

Sheepishly, I enter the name of my childhood dog and proceed with my banking. Kitty stares at me…in judgment.

(Yes, yes. I changed the answer after I logged on. Conscious clear.)

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